Neil Harris

Master Sculptor
in England


Neil has worked in the field of glass and crystal in England for over 35 years, first as a glass decorator/engraver.

Neil's most notable achievements are his wildlife and dog sculptures. Currently Neil is the only artist in the U.K. (and, we believe, anywhere!) who can produce accurate, individually sculpted dog models in a flame from solid rods of glass. These models are then mounted on a complementary crystal rectangular base with edging.

Limited by this very detailed process to production of 2 sculptures per day, these true to life designs are instant collectibles.

Neil's rendition in crystal of the jaguar was chosen by Jaguar Car Corporation of Great Britain as their showroom model.

Neil currently sculpts over 90 dog breeds and a wide range of wildlife animals as well. We will be updating this web site often, but meanwhile, should you care to request your breed, or a particular piece of wildlife, just send an email to .

Neil served his glass apprenticeship with Thomas Webb & Sons, a highly noted British "blue chip" firm in the glass industry, established in the 19th century.

When placing an order, please remember that all fine art takes time. So please order ahead, when possible, or call Helmut at 203-733-0798 to check our inventory.
House Wren Crystal Sculpture by Neil Harris - Animation showing 3 Different Views
House Wren
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